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Five things to watch in Colorado’s game against Nebraska

The Buffs have to take care of a few things to beat their arch rival.

NCAA Football: Colorado at Texas Christian Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Now that Colorado has shocked the country by beating a strong No. 17 TCU team, the pressure is on. But for the Buffs to continue winning, there are some key successes that need to be carried over to the Nebraska game.

1. Shedeur Sanders NEEDS to be protected

Against TCU, Shedeur was very successful when he was given time to read the field. He’s very talented but he didn’t do on his own. The O-Line was a HUGE factor in this game, particularly Gerad Christian-Lichtenhan anchoring the line at tackle. There was still room for improvement, as Shedeur was sacked four times and the OL didn’t get much push in the run game. Just imagine this offense when it comes together throughout the season.

2. Keep giving Travis Hunter lots of snaps

Travis Hunter is a two-way superstar. He played 129 snaps and every defensive snap possible. No wonder he put on a show with 119 receiving yards and an interception. If Colorado wants to keep winning games, Hunter needs to take as many snaps as possible. He can dominate on both sides of the ball, so give him the opportunity to and he won’t disappoint.

3. Stop the Huskers’ run game

Don’t be fooled by Nebraska’s low scoring loss to Minnesota last week. Their new head coach, Matt Rhule, and new offensive coordinator, Marcus Satterfield, have expressed that they expect a better rushing team. Nebraska is big, strong and will target the soft spot in the Colorado defense. TCU rushed for 262 yards against the Buffs this past week, and it is critical that the defense stops the run game as soon as possible to secure a win.

4. Get Dylan Edwards into open space

Speaking of rushing, it is so important that the OL creates spaces for Dylan Edwards to rush. For the most part, Colorado’s running game was almost non-existent. The Buffs ran for just 55 yards throughout the entire game, but offensive coordinator Sean Lewis was able to get Edwards into open space on screen passes and swing routes. Maybe we see more of a rushing attack against a defensive line that isn’t quite as loaded as TCU’s. Sy’vion Wilkerson is also very good and could be a downhill force against the Huskers.

5. Use all offensive weapons

It’s easy to look at this new Buffs team and focus on the stars. Sanders, Hunter and Edwards were all great, but for Colorado to succeed they have to remember that those players will create big targets. Nebraska is going to do everything they can to take out these players who have so much hype around their name. Sanders must use every weapon at his disposal. Jimmy Horn Jr. and Xavier Weaver didn’t get the same media attention this week, but they both topped 100 yards and made great plays throughout. The Buffs will have to keep spreading the ball around to maintain this efficiency.