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Coach Prime’s Lamborghini ticketed, booted by CU-Boulder parking police

Deion Sanders is not above the law.

NCAA Football: Colorado State at Colorado
His car wasn’t Hard 2 Find either.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The University of Colorado Police Department has made headlines yet again, this time for ticketing and booting a white-and-gold Lamborghini in front of the Champions Center.

You can probably guess who that Lamborghini belonged to and it was not a student.

On Friday afternoon Deion Sanders Jr. posted a 13-second video on Instagram that showed the aftermath of CUPD’s ruthless application of the law.

If you have left your car alone for more than 1.6 seconds, you know that these parking attendants live for this. Deion Sanders might have played in the Super Bowl, but every day is their Super Bowl. Trophies do not faze those who bask daily in championship glory.

This does ask some important questions that we all must ask: Does Coach Prime not have a parking permit? Or did he leave it on his all-white G-Wagon and forget about it? Did the CUPD intentionally target him to assert dominance? Will Prime pay the ticket, or will CU’s boosters foot the $135 bill?

This is a developing story.