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Colorado - Colorado State sets viewership records

The was ESPN fifth-most watched game on record.

Syndication: The Coloradoan Cris Tiller / USA TODAY NETWORK

It’s no secret that Coach Prime and the Colorado Buffaloes are driving a big part of the college football conversation right now. But as numbers are coming in from Saturday night’s 2OT win over the CSU Rams, we’re beginning to understand how big of an impact he’s truly making.

The ESPN telecast, late night for most of the country, was one of the highest performing college football telecasts EVER.

Not only were the ratings record breaking, but it was an engaged audience that stayed up into the wee hours of the night to see how the game would finish. For a Pac-12, Mountain West Conference matchup.

Denver predictably led the top five markets consuming the game, but old reliable Birmingham was right there in second where they belong.

It was a diverse crowd, with viewers from all over the country tuning in.

With games against Oregon and USC coming up, these records might continue to be broken. Especially now that options to see the games in person are getting more and more expensive.