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Colorado releases first depth chart before TCU game

Hunter starts! Twice!

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Media Day Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Buffaloes have obviously had plenty of movement on their roster this year, but CU released their first official depth chart of the season right before Deion Sanders and company take on TCU Saturday morning. The full thing was screenshotted below by Nikki Edwards:

Some things that stand out here -

  • Travis Hunter is starting at WR and CB. We’ll see how many snaps he actually plays but I doubt it’s 100%
  • Landon Beebee is healthy enough to be listed as a co-starter on the OL
  • Three running backs are listed as co-starters for the TCU game, but I expect Anthony Hankerson to take the first snap
  • Trevor Woods! Yes!
  • Jordan Domineck listed as 3rd in the OLB rotation suggests a potential injury to me
  • All-American kick returner Jimmy Horn Jr. is listed as a punt returner, but he is a weapon
  • There were relatively few long-term injuries taken from fall camp, outside of the tight end position

We will see how often everyone actually plays tomorrow, but our first hint comes on Friday evening. Colorado plays TCU at 11 AM CT on Fox this Saturday, September 2nd.