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Coach Prime encourages Buffaloes to fight as one

If one fights, we all fight

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NCAA Football: Colorado Spring Game Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We’re entering the point in the 2023 preseason where players are tired and hot and ready for the games to start. Those that follow NFL preseason or watch Hard Knocks know that tempers can often flare and fights can break out amongst teammates. But it tends to happen a bit less in college.

On Tuesday, the Colorado Buffaloes saw their frustration boil over after running back Anthony Hankerson ran up the middle for a touchdown in a red zone drill. Jaden Milliner-Jones grabbed Hankerson and threw him to the ground well after the play had ended. Tackle Gerad Christian-Lichtenhan ran over to defend his back and kicked off a round of pushing and shoving.

After coaches separated the teammates, Deion Sanders joined the offensive huddle and scolded a few of the players for not joining the fight.

“I seen two of you walking off, over there, and you’ve got a key teammate fighting,” Sanders said. “Where they do that at? Where they do that at?”

“If one fights, we all fight,” Sanders fumed. “You understand that? I don’t want to see you all walking off when somebody’s fighting. Never again!”

You never want to see teammates fighting against each other, but this point in camp is where bonds are forged that will carry the team through the season. Fifteen long days until kickoff...

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