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The Ralphie Report is Hiring!

Coach Prime simply needs more media coverage.

NCAA Football: Colorado Spring Game
This could be you (left)!
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Attention all bloggers, journalists and content creators: the prestigious Ralphie Report dot com is looking to expand our staff before the Colorado Buffaloes kick off the Coach Prime era.

We are looking first and foremost for a CU student or local journalist who can cover the day-to-day workings of the football and basketball teams. This would include attending games from press row, participating in press conferences during the week and after games, interviewing players and coaches, and covering the daily happenings all things Colorado athletics.

It is also possible to work with us remotely. This would obviously not include press access or in-person reporting, but you can still contribute with news reports, game recaps and analysis pieces. There is also the opportunity to create your own podcast, manage our social media and gain experience as an editor or multi-media producer.

We offer a monthly stipend that differs depending on your commitment. This is in addition to the experience you can gain reporting from press row and having access to the players and coaching staff. We also offer a paid internship that has been approved by the College of Media, Communication and Information at the University of Colorado.

We do not require any previous experience in sports journalism. It’s more important to us that you’re willing to take on new challenges, put in the effort to see your ideas in print, and grow during the time you’re with us.

If you’re interested in working with us, you can reach Sam Metivier at Please include your name, your interest in an internship if applicable, and a short paragraph about what you’re hoping to gain from this position.

If you’ve been following the Buffs for a long time, you can also include your favorite obscure Buff. (Mine is Lazar Nikolic.)