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Later, Losers!

Good look with that TV contract!

University of Colorado vs UCLA Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Surprising everyone, except us because we have really real and not made up inside sources who told us about this months ago, the Colorado Buffaloes will leave the Pac-12 to re-join the Big 12 in 2024.

The Buffs are abandoning a sinking ship that has been taking on water since Pac-12 heavyweights UCLA and USC announced their decision to join the Big Ten. Reports have suggested that Colorado administration grew frustrated with the Pac-12’s inability to secure a TV deal. With hundreds of millions of dollars on the line, Colorado could not wait on conference leadership that had proved incompetent in the last 12 years.

ESPN reported that the Big 12 reached out to Pac-12 members last summer and Colorado was the most receptive to this courting. It’s been widely speculated that Arizona, Arizona State and Utah would join the Big 12 if the Pac-12 dissolved, but it’s unclear if they’re as prepared for an exit as the Buffs. It’s probable that anyone leaving will do so next summer when the current TV deal expires when schools will be off the hook for any buyout.

Maybe we never developed real rivalries in the Pac-12, but this is a fun time to point and laugh at Arizona for being left behind in the desert sun, Arizona State keeping up a mess within a mess inside another mess, Cal for maybe being on the verge of defunding the football program, Oregon and Washington for being stuck waiting for a Big Ten invite, and even Utah for their emergence as a football power right when everything collapses around them. I really just feel bad for Oregon State and Washington State, who might be Mountain West bound if the Pac-12 really does fall apart.

We should have some fun before checking the Big 12 roster and realizing that we’re about to share a conference with the likes of Baylor, BYU and UCF. We’re also probably going to see the desperate faces of Arizona and ASU and get our asses handed to us by the Utes. But any time you get out before the collapse is a time to celebrate.