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Buffaloes add freshman Bangot Dak with final scholarship spot

Tad Boyle landed a talented forward.

NCAA Basketball: Stanford at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Buffaloes have filled their final roster spot for the 2023-24 season. That last scholarship will go to Bangot Dak, a freshman forward from Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dak is a 6’10, 180-lbs. forward who has been described as both a late-bloomer and a long-term project. Adam Munsterteiger reported that teams like Nebraska and Iowa State were recruiting him and pushing him into taking a post-grad year to continue developing. Tad Boyle thought it was better to bring him in on campus this season and redshirt him.

Dak will have to gain some strength and grow into his frame before contributing on the hardwood. He’s a project worth taking on since it’s hard to find players with his combination of length, athleticism and shooting ability.

It’s worth mentioning that Boyle did try to land an instant impact transfer, but targets like Dalton Knecht, Chance McMillian and Trey Woodsbury found other offers more attractive for various reasons. Rather than bring in a one-dimensional shooter — those three players above are not exactly specialists — the coaching staff thought it was a better decision long-term to take a chance on a high-upside project like Dak.

The Buffs are set up for a great season even with Dak redshirting. The first four starters are set in stone, as KJ Simpson and Tristan da Silva return, and five-star freshman Cody Williams and TCU transfer Eddie Lampkin enter the fold. After that, it’s probably between J’Vonne Hadley and Luke O’Brien as the fifth starter, with Julian Hammond III (G) and Javon Ruffin (G) playing big minutes off the bench and freshman Assane Diop likely playing backup center. That’s a strong 9-man rotation with the possibility that freshmen Courtney Anderson, Joe Hurlburt and RJ Smith play their way onto the court.