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One guess at the Colorado Buffaloes depth chart

Bill Connelly attempts to project the Buffaloes two-deep

NCAA Football: Colorado Spring Game Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Buffaloes are college football’s version of an expansion team. We know a few players who are sticking around and many of the names are familiar but we have no idea what this “new” team is going to look like. Deion Sanders’ Buffaloes will be a vastly different team than any Buffaloes we knew before. It’s an entirely new experience in college football.

ESPN’s Bill Connelly recently took a stab at what the depth chart might look like heading into Prime’s first season and for an outsider, albeit a very knowledgeable one, did a respectable job.

He highlighted that there is a pretty drastic increase in talent, from two former blue-chip recruits to upwards of 15, and the secondary has the skill to be one of the best in the conference. He also noted that the team will likely get better, but mostly because they can’t get much worse.

As we get closer to the season and into fall practice we’ll start to get a better idea of what shape this team might take. For now, dig into Bill’s projections and let us know what he missed.