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Colorado to compete in 2024 Maui Invitation with UConn, North Carolina

Sophomore Cody Williams?

Colorado v Utah

Even if we have to wait 18 months for the Hawaii trip, the Colorado Buffaloes will be excited to compete in the 2024 Maui Invitation during the 2024-25 season.

Colorado will be there alongside bluebloods Connecticut and North Carolina, the always good Michigan State and Auburn, and less predictable programs Dayton, Iowa State and Memphis. It’s pretty clear there’s a top-4 and a lower-4 and the Buffs are firmly in the second category. Still, it’s hard to say how good any of these teams will be considering how fast things change in college basketball.

The Buffs should be an experienced team, but it’s unclear who will be around at that time. It’s probable that KJ Simpson, Eddie Lampkin and Julian Hammond will be there as seniors, plus Javon Ruffin, Joe Hurlburt, RJ Smith and incoming freshmen Assane Diop and Courtney Anderson. Maybe they bring back Luke O’Brien and Tristan da Silva as fifth-year seniors, although that’s unlikely considering Tad Boyle hasn’t brought back anyone for a fifth year. Anything beyond that is wishful thinking — say, Cody Williams playing two years in Boulder — or predicting the unknowable in terms of recruiting and roster turnover.

It’s hard to project how good the Buffs will be, but it’s exciting nonetheless to have the brand recognition to be invited to Maui.