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Meet De’Fron Fobb— The man behind Coach Prime’s threads

From HBCU’s to CU, the innovator keeping fresh looks for the Buffs newset frontman.

De’Fron Fobb

If you’ve been tuned into Well Off Media’s coverage of the Colorado Buffaloes leading up to the Black and Gold Spring Game, you might’ve noticed Coach Prime’s wardrobe was one-of-a-kind.

The main force behind Prime’s newest threads has a unique story. De’Fron Fobb started out as a man with a dream who built his reality from scratch.

A self-made designer that has built his portfolio by representing HBCU’s now takes on his biggest project with the University of Colorado. It’s a new opportunity featuring his first ‘Power Five’ school as part of the Anthony Lawrence Collection, a clothing line with a namesake that pays homage to Fobb’s late father.

“I felt it was a way to keep his name alive,” Fobb said. “He meant so much to me and it was only fitting to have it that way.”

Deion Sanders

Sanders’ connection to Fobb goes back to their days in Dallas. Over the past thirty years it has grown stronger with competitions on and off the field. The outfitting of Prime started mostly at Jackson State with different designs and has recently morphed into the iconic letterman jacket and black CU hoodie worn around campus during Spring practices.

Well Off Media

“I’m always having to get (Prime) the latest because he hates seeing anyone else with my exclusives,” Fobb admitted. “He loves getting to be the first to get it.”

As for Fobb’s assessment of CU’s current roster, there was one player who stuck out for personal reasons. The ever-so-talented Travis Hunter left a lasting impression because of his athletic prowess. He was one name Fobb said all Colorado fans should be paying close attention to.

“Travis is a superstar— plain and simple,” Fobb said. “I remember watching him back in high school and seeing his progression now is outstanding. He’ll be in the NFL one day as a dominant playmaker.”

Fobb has more exclusives coming soon with his officially licensed line of CU gear available now at