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Colorado lands veteran transfer center

An unfamiliar face from a familiar high school joins CU

Connecticut v Tennessee Photo by Donald Page/Getty Images

The Connecticut Huskies are not a power football program of any kind. Jim Mora Jr is a good coach, but the Huskiers are not a traditional powerhouse. However, they have more than a few transfers out that are coveted by big-time programs. One of those coveted transfers is Yakiri Walker. the starting center for Uconn last year.

No one even know that Walker was visiting Colorado until he showed up in Boulder this weekend. The center comes from DeSoto High School, a powerhouse in Dallas, Texas. CU has a powerful connection to DeSoto still through Josh Jynes, a grad from the Eagles who played at CU and is now on the coaching staff.

Walker started all season for Uconn, and at 6’3 and around 280 pounds, he is on the lighter side. He moves well for his size and he will compete immediately for playing time at center in 2024. He has two years of eligibility remaining.

Welcome, Yakiri!