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Buffs add five games to non-conference football schedule through 2028

The Buffs have to watch their calories with these cupcakes coming up.

NCAA Football: Southern California at Colorado Chet Strange-USA TODAY Sports

It may be National Signing Day, but what if I told you it was also National Announce Some Non-Conference Scheduling day? It’s a very real thing, and it’s today*. (*Yesterday, and also other days before that.)

Everyone gets a 5-star recruit or two; not just anyone schedules Weber State for a game in three years! But the Buffs do things differently ( ) and put the Wildcats on their schedule for a home game in 2026. The excitement doesn’t stop there, though: there’s a whole bunch of newly-announced games on the Buffs’ horizon that’ll probably kick off at 10AM:

Northern Illinois? Northern Colorado? Northwestern twice? If your school is in the southern or eastern part of the state, kick rocks. The Buffs don’t have time for you. Admittedly, they did schedule some slightly more ... interesting? ... non-conference matchups, and here’s how their schedule breaks down through 2028:

It’s kinda a wild slate. Florida! Georgia Tech! North Dakota State! [sighs] Northwestern. There’s something for everyone over the next few years, which truly is the beauty of non-conference scheduling. See you in Evanston.