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Colorado’s tight ends coach Tim Brewster resigns

The first offseason domino for Prime’s coaching staff has fallen.

NCAA Football: Colorado State at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado TE coach Tim Brewster is stepping down from his post and will no longer be with the team in 2023, Brewster announced on his twitter Sunday morning. It’s fairly unsurprising that Brewster made the decision to leave CU, after head coach Deion Sanders made the call to demote him to an analyst position in order to make room for Pat Shurmur in the coach’s box.

Brewster’s time in Boulder may have been short lived, but his presence was certainly felt in 2023. The tight ends coach deserves a lot of credit for the development of Michael Harrison, who was a walk-on convert to TE from the wide receiver position. Harrison played a massive role in the Buffaloes’ offense and Brewster should get his fair share of recognition for his success.

Brewster has been a sort of journey-man coach in his career and that journey will continue on, just not in Boulder. Brewster took time this morning to wish Prime and Colorado’s players the best of luck going forward, which was a class act.

This is likely just the first domino to fall in some important coaching shifts within Deion’s staff. Prime said that there were going to be some coaching changes going forward after the Buffs’ final game in Salt Lake City. Brewster’s resignation is likely indicative of some big changes to come. Prime still has a big decision to make on what to do with the offensive coordinator position, namely whether or not to keep Pat Shurmur at the helm or bring in an outsider to call the shots. As per usual, we’ll keep you updated if and when any big coaching news breaks.