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Deion Sanders squashes rumors of him taking the Texas A&M job

Coach Prime doesn’t have the time to entertain such unsustained claims

Oregon State v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

No need to worry, Buffs fans. Deion Sanders is sticking around in Boulder, according to himself.

After rumors spread like wildfire that Coach Prime could leave Colorado to take the vacant Texas A&M coaching job, it was inevitable that Deion was going to have to address the elephant in the room during his weekly Tuesday press conference. Prime wasted no time though, as he opened up his presser by shutting down the rumor at the source.

“I just wanna win a game. You think I really do sit down and think about that kinda stuff?” said Prime when asked about his thoughts on the open A&M job. “C’mon, I’m good. We gotta win.”

Coach Prime made it clear that he’s locked in on what he’s up to at Colorado and isn’t interested in what’s happening in College Station. The Buffs have a short week, as they have to travel to Pullman to face off against Washington State on Friday night. Deion doesn’t want his team distracted with baseless rumors of him leaving, so they can better focus on their upcoming game against the Cougs.

“Let’s focus on this week. We play Friday, so we lose a day of practice. So we gotta focus,” said Sanders.

Later in his presser, Deion gave a more definitive answer that he isn’t going anywhere. When asked about what he’d tell parents of recruits when they’d ask he would still be at Colorado when their kids got there, Coach Prime gave the response all CU fans wanted to hear.

“I am here. I am here. My mother is here, my sister is here, my dog is here, my daughter is here, three of my sons are here and my other daughter comes out for the home games,” said Deion. “I get mail here. Pay taxes here. I’m here.”

To take the A&M job, Deion would have to uproot his entire family. Not only would it affect Deion, but it'd also have major implications for his kids Shedeur and Shelomi Sanders because they’d be ineligible for the 2024 season if they followed their dad. It’s just not worth it for Deion to leave Colorado yet, especially while his kids are still here.

Colorado fans can breathe easy knowing that Coach Prime will still be a Buff in 2024. The detriments to Deion leaving far outweigh the benefits, at least for now. It’s great news that the team hasn’t lost their focus on this week’s game because it’s absolutely pivotal to their bowl hopes. The Buffs have to win out in order to go bowling, so let’s hope that the team is as locked in as possible for the next two weeks.