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Colorado, UCLA robbed in Rose Bowl diamond heist

It’s all stolen diamonds and roses for this Buffs team

Colorado v UCLA
Those diamonds wain’t hard 2 find, it seems.
Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Colorado Buffaloes were robbed in their loss to UCLA and it’s not the referees we’re talking about.

Following the 28-16 result, Deion Sanders Jr. broke the story that the away locker room had been raided during the game. Well Off Media produced a video that showed players discussing which items had been stolen, including pieces of jewelry worth thousands of dollars.

Deion Sr. later confirmed in this Tuesday press conference that the Buffs and Bruins were both robbed during the game. He said the NCAA should step in because to replace the stolen goods and that Colorado would educate their players about insurance in the future.

“I know the kids will be forthright in what was stolen ... and now all that stuff should be replaced,” Sanders said. “This is the Rose Bowl. They say the Grandaddy of them all, right? I’m sure Grandaddy has some money.”

It’s unclear who were the perpetrators. A source close to the program indicated that the Rose Bowl did not have security guarding the Buffs’ locker room, meaning the hit could have been done by pretty much anyone, including our very own Jack Barsch who was at the game and has since been seen wearing a diamond chain.

There is also the possibility that this was an inside job. I’m not trying to point any fingers, but a certain someone was ejected from the game for targeting and was in the locker room all by himself. This same person was also present at Jackson State when Coach Prime was robbed (and then returned) during a press conference.

All jokes aside — and I am joking about Shilo please don’t sue me — this has the team rattled because the locker room is supposed to be a safe space during the game. This era of Colorado football is swagged out, so they’re either going to leave their drip at home, or they’re going to wear it on the field. My bet is on Shedeur doing the Shedeur with that ice on his wrist.