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Travis Hunter is making an impact off the field for Colorado

The Colorado cornerback is one of the team’s best coaches.

NCAA Football: Southern California at Colorado John Leyba-USA TODAY Sports

Despite being sidelined for at least three games due to a liver injury, Buffaloes cornerback Travis Hunter is still making a tremendous impact on the team while being off the field. Instead of using his time away from play to rest up, Hunter has been using it to help coach Colorado’s freshman to ensure their success.

During last week’s game against USC, Hunter was seen on the sidelines helping out and giving instructions to cornerback Cormani McClain and receiver Omarion Miller. Both Miller and McClain had very impressive showings, and Hunter’s advice may have had a part to play in their breakout performances.

“I just talked to [Cormani] the whole game,” said Hunter on his livestream on Sunday. “Every snap that was thrown his way, he had a breakup because he listened.”

It seems like Hunter has really taken McClain under his wing. Last week, Coach Prime had some harsh words about Cormani’s work ethic. Prime said that Travis is pushing Cormani to step up his game this Tuesday.

“[Travis] is on [Cormani’s] butt, day in and day out.” said Coach Prime.

Travis’ leadership and advice to the Buffs’ youngsters hasn’t gone unnoticed by the other coaches either. After practice on Tuesday, head coach Deion Sanders had high praise for Hunter and his coaching.

“[Travis] was out at practice today coaching his butt off,” said Coach Prime. “He’s one of the best coaches we have.”

Hunter wasn’t asked to take up the mantle of coaching his fellow teammates in the secondary. Instead, that is something that he took upon himself to do. Coach Prime said that nobody instructed Travis to help coach his teammates, but that is just how much of a natural leader he is.

“You don’t instruct dawgs to be dawgs. That’s just who [Travis] is,” said Coach Prime.

The Buffs will still be without Hunter this week when they take on Arizona State in Tempe, but that doesn’t mean his impact won’t be felt. The lessons that Hunter has taught the secondary, especially with Cormani McClain, should help the Buffs defeat the Sun Devils.

Unfortunately, it sounds like we may not see Hunter play until week nine at UCLA. Coach Prime said that he would ideally not like to see Travis play until after the bye week to ensure a full recovery. There is a slight chance we will see him in week seven when Stanford comes to town however. Hunter is itching to get back on the field and might not take no for an answer when it comes to being sidelined.

“It would be my dream and desire for him to stay out until after the bye week. But I know Travis and he is going to want to [play],” said Coach Prime. “That gives him like three extra weeks.”

Colorado won’t have Hunter on the field on Saturday, but at least they’ll have his expertise. Hopefully, Travis’ coaching can play a factor in a decisive Colorado win over ASU.