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Travis Hunter has a “tremendous chance” to play this week

The Buffaloes could be getting their star player back.

Colorado State v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

After three long weeks without seeing the field, Colorado cornerback and wide receiver Travis Hunter could finally make his return this Friday night against Stanford. Hunter suffered a lacerated liver during week three against Colorado State and has been sidelined ever since. Thankfully, the wait to see Hunter make his return could come to an end this week according to head coach Deion Sanders. Hunter practiced today and came away with a gem of an interception, so it looks his his return is very near.

“There’s a tremendous chance [Travis Hunter] could play,” said Sanders on Tuesday morning. “He has to be in shape. I don’t want him to be a liability.”

Hunter has been sorely missed by the Buffaloes. Colorado’s secondary could use some stability after injuries have spread the unit extremely thin and Travis’ return would provide that. As for his impact on the offensive side of the ball, quarterback Shedeur Sanders would be getting a very important weapon downfield back.

There is a chance this is just a smokescreen deployed by Coach Prime though. Last week, Prime said he wanted Hunter to stay out until after the bye week to get some extra rest. If that would happen, Travis would return two weeks from now against UCLA.

“It would be my dream and desire for [Travis] to stay out until after the bye week.” said Sanders.

Hunter’s status this week will likely continue to be a mystery until a couple of hours before game time on Friday. Nobody will know for sure if Travis will play until then, but it would be great for the Buffs if he did return. Hopefully, we’ll see a triumphant return to the field from the Colorado two way star in the near future.