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Buffaloes WR Jaylen Ellis rescues dog, cat in mountains

Ellis adopted the dog, now named Angel.

USC v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

For as deep and talented as the Colorado Buffaloes receivers are, none have made as important of a catch as Jaylen Ellis did over the last week.

The Baylor transfer posted a series of TikToks documenting his rescue of a stray dog and kitten, both of which he found on hiking trails in Boulder.

Per the video, Ellis first found the dog without a collar or tags, then stumbled onto a kitten which he estimated to be about “two weeks old.” He took both home, gave them baths, and then brought them to the Boulder Humane Society.

He adopted the dog, now named Angel, after no owner was found. It must have been an easy decision after seeing that scruffy girl’s face at 0:45 on that video. She’s now safe and secure, nestled firmly on Jaylen’s couch.

“I’m not trying to be the father,” Ellis said. “I’m trying to the father that stepped up.”