What is so exciting about March Madness

The NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament, which takes place annually in the United States, is most commonly referred to as March Madness. The competition pits 68 collegiate basketball teams against one another in a single-elimination format in an effort to crown a national champion. The tournament is thrilling because it contains a lot of upsets, Cinderella stories, and close games. The nature of the event also permits a wide range of teams to participate, and it is renowned for inspiring excitement and passion in both spectators and participants. Many are now looking for march madness odds for this season.

The phrase " March Madness " was first coined in connection with the NCAA in 1982 when sportscaster Brent Musburger uttered it during his tournament coverage. The phrase was ultimately at the center of a 1996 legal entanglement with the Illinois High School Boys Basketball Championship, which had been using it since 1939.

It start

It usually starts on the third week of March and at least sixty-five teams compete. The first thing that happens is a game which happens between the two last seeded teams. The team that loses gets eliminated. The sixty-four teams get are categorized into four groups. Each group has sixteen teams. The system tells them that the highest seeded team competes with the team that is seeded the lowest; example team number one plays against team number sixty four and team number two plays against team number sixty three.


March Madness traces its origins to Illinois from 1908 when it was a small affair sponsored by Illinois High School Association through invitations. Various high school boys' basket ball teams participated in this annual tournament. From those humble origins, the event grew to a statewide institution engulfing 900 schools in the competition in the late 1930s. In fact, there were several teams known as "sweet sixteen" that became popular attracting sellout crowds.

Interestingly, all this transpired before professional teams gained a foot hold in the nation. Even more surprising is the fact, this was all before television and still gripped the average fan. Obviously, the basket ball fever had transformed itself into epidemic proportions!

When did the term first appear on paper? Way back in 1939, Henry V. Porter, impressed by this sports fever wrote an essay "March Madness" which appeared in Illinois Interscholastic, an IHSA magazine. Henry Porter was an Assistant Executive Secretary of the Illinois High School Association at that time. Newspapermen caught onto it immediately and used it often in their newspapers. This finally crystallized as a popular event name during the Golden Era of 1940s and 1950s.

Why it is so exciting

March Madness' three-week duration in the month of March, when many other professional and collegiate sports leagues are in their off-season, is another factor that makes it so thrilling. This makes it the center of attention for sports fans and the media at that time.

The betting factor is another element that adds excitement to the tournament. Many individuals place wagers on who they believe will win each game, including the national championship, and fill up brackets based on their predictions. Fans want to know how their bracket is performing in relation to other brackets, so this ups the excitement and anticipation for each game.

The tournament also includes a wide spectrum of teams from various conferences and geographical areas of the nation, allowing for a variety of styles and tactics on the court. As teams may not have met during the regular season, this can lead to some intriguing and surprising matchups.

The atmosphere of March Madness is another thrilling feature. In front of tens of thousands of fervent spectators, many of the games are played in huge arenas. The players are fueled by the electrifying energy of the spectators in these arenas. People gather to support their favorite teams and fill out brackets, which fosters a sense of community. The competition also has a long history and rich heritage. Each year, the event is anticipated by many people, who cherish the memories of seeing their favorite teams and athletes compete. The competition is also a fantastic opportunity for lesser-known players and players from smaller institutions to obtain national exposure and to demonstrate their abilities to a larger audience.

Overall, March Madness has the potential to be one of the year's most thrilling and unpredictable sporting events, with tremendous basketball action, Cinderella stories, and potential upsets.

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