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2025 5-Star commits to Coach Prime and the Colorado Buffaloes

Yes, this is real life. Yes, we deserve it. Let’s rock.

Credit: Colorado Buffaloes Football

Colorado Buffaloes fans, I am begging you to stop pinching yourself. You are starting to bruise and it’s not necessary. Yes, Deion Sanders is in fact the head coach. Yes, he is currently in Boulder. And yes, he has already secured a five-star recruit for the 2025 (I’m old!!!) class. Winston Watkins, welcome to the show.

Winston Watkins has a familiar last name for some fans, as the cousin for Sammy Watkins, the Clemson standout and NFL player. He plays at IMG Academy, the PREMIER high school in the country. At 5’10 and 172 pounds. Watkins plays at slot receiver for IMG Academy and has quite the offer list.

Oh yeah. That’s right, I buried the lede. THIS is where CU recruits now. The Buffs just PULLED A FIVE-STAR FROM FLORIDA. One that has offers from Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Miami, Ohio State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, NAME YOUR PROGRAM. Bask in the glory, CU fans, for it is truly a new dawn in Boulder.

Now, remember, he’s only a sophomore, and any sophomore actually getting time at IMG is already pretty good. But below are some of his highlights from this past year:

He already shows elite level quickness on the outside, something that CU could use more of. His junior tape will be something to watch.

Welcome, Winston!