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Former NFL player thinks Colorado is perfect landing spot for Matt Rhule

The Buffaloes need head coaching experience and it could come from a recent firing in the NFL

San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images

The Colorado Buffaloes need a coach to rebuild the program and timing might be everything. Less than 24 hours after the Carolina Panthers lost to the San Francisco 49ers, Matt Rhule was fired by the team just two years into his first NFL tenure.

It might sound crazy for the Buffaloes to chase after the former Big 12 Coach of the year, especially after posting a 11-27 record with the Panthers, but one former NFL player believes it could be serendipitous given the current state of CU’s program.

Nick Ferguson gave his reasons why Rhule’s background of fixing teams should be on CU’s radar as he exits Carolina. Also, the Panthers are paying him a buyout up to $40 million, so the need for a high-end contract may not be at the top of Rhule’s wish list.

“My thing is what do you have to lose if you’re CU?,” Ferguson noted.

“If you’re a CU alumni and you love the Buffs, then you should want the program to do this. Put pressure on the program to make moves that are not just going to make the teams better as a whole, it’s going to bring life a vibrance back to the Boulder area.”

Many predict Rhule will end up back in the college ranks during the next hiring cycle. He took a seven-year, $62 million contract to leave the University of Baylor for the NFL position in 2020. Rhule flipped the Bears from worst to first in just three seasons and did the same at Temple prior to his time in Waco. He has a near .500 record going 47-43 over seven seasons at both Baylor and Temple starting in 2013.