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Podcast: Spring football and NCAA Tournament recap

We take a look at what’s happening this week.

Valero Alamo Bowl - Texas v Colorado Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

On the latest episode of the At the Buzzer podcast, Jack and Sam discuss the NCAA Tournament and the Colorado Buffaloes’ football spring camp.

On the basketball sides of things, we discuss the Gonzaga-Baylor title game, our favorite moments from the 2021 tournament, and recap what went right for the Buffs and the Pac-12 as a whole. We move on to a look-ahead to the 2021-22 season, where the Buffs will be one of several rebuilding programs in the conference. (We recorded before Sean Miller was fired by Arizona, so there could be lots of turnover there too.)

Moving on to football, we talk about the happenings and rumors coming from the Buffs’ spring practices. Colorado is bringing back most of their offensive starters, but have major questions about their defensive playmakers and overall depth. Plus, Brendon Lewis may be running away with the QB race as Sam Noyer recovers from a shoulder injury.