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JR Payne lands two major transfers for Colorado Buffaloes

Payne recruited the best players from Washington

JR Payne is making moves for the Colorado Buffaloes women’s basketball team. After nearly making the NCAA Tournament in 2021, this team is returning a ton of talent and bringing in even more.

On Friday, two former Washington Huskies announced they would be transferring to CU, sophomore guard Tameiya Sadler and junior center Quay Miller. They were arguably the two best players on a Huskies squad that finished 11th in the conference, then knocked off the Buffs in the Pac-12 Tournament. The two women transferred after UW fired head coach Jody Wynn.

Assuming they are both immediately eligible, Sadler and Miller will both compete for starting positions. A top-100 recruit out of high school, Sadler has a ton of potential as a scoring guard. It’s easy to see her taking on a heavy load next to Jaylyn Sherrod, an elite defender and playmaker, and Frida Formann, a standout shooter.

Miller will vie for minutes at center, where she will nicely compliment scoring forward Mya Hollingshed. She displayed against CU how good of a high post passer she is, in addition to being a good rebounder and willing shooter. The Buffs will also return starting big Peanut Tuitele, who really emerged late in the season. It will be great battle to see who starts between those two.

So far, the Buffs will be likely to start Sadler, Sherrod, Formann, Hollingshed and Miller/Tuitele. That is a ton of scoring at forward, rebounding in the frontcourt, and athleticism in the backcourt. The three major reserves would then be Miller/Tuitele, Aubrey Knight and Sila Finau, all of whom have starting experience.

This team will be expected to make the NCAA Tournament, something Payne has yet to do since the start of her rebuild in 2016. They certainly have the talent and experience for such a run.