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Podcast: Buffaloes hit stride before postseason

Benjamin Burrows joins the podcast.

Long live the Supa Dupa Tuba Cheer (that’s not Ben in the photo)

On the latest episode of At the Buzzer, Jack and Sam are joined by CU alum and former Supa Dupa Tuba Cheer participant Benjamin Burrows (@Rumblinbuffalo) to discuss the season so far and how the Buffs are looking as the postseason approaches.

After a break down of the season so far, we move on to preview CU’s game against Arizona State (Thursday, 7:00 p.m. MT). We all agree it’s a trap game, it benefits no one and the Buffs could be unfocused. Still, it’s the final home game for McKinley Wright and the other seniors and every game against the hated Sun Devils is fun.