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Colorado Buffaloes land top-100 recruit Joe Hurlburt

The Buffs have a great start to the 2022 recruiting class

Georgetown v Colorado Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

One week after their season ended, the Colorado Buffaloes have landed a blue chip prospect in Joe Hurlburt, the 70th rated recruit in the 2022 class.

Hurlburt is from Enderlin, North Dakota, a town of less than 900 residents. First recognized for his 6’10 size and sweet shooting ability, Hurlburt moved to play AAU ball in Minnesota where he received offers from Big Ten programs such as Iowa, Minnesota and Ohio State.

From a brief scouting video, Hurlburt looks like a very skilled player for his size. He’s a bit slow, but that doesn’t really matter when you are that big, shoot that well and know how to use that size on both ends of the floor.

Tad Boyle appears to be flexing on the recruiting trail. The Buffs just landed the 11th-ranked recruiting class in 2021, including top-100 recruits Lawson Lovering and Quincy Allen. According to 247 Sports, Lovering, Allen and Hurlburt are three of the six highest rated recruits since they began tracking this data in 2000.

There won’t be much room to add to the 2022 class, as the Buffs have just two seniors on next year’s roster, Eli Parquet and Evan Battey. Even if there aren’t that many players in this next class, having only a couple players of Hurlburt’s quality will be something special.