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Podcast: Chaos brackets and mascot fights with Ryan Nanni

Ryan joins from Shutdown Fullcast, the only college football podcast

Colorado v Oregon State Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

On the 69th episode of the At the Buzzer podcast, Jack and Sam are joined by Ryan Nanni. Ryan comes from the of the Shutdown Fullcast, the only college football podcast, and was one of the founders of Every Day Should be Saturday, the beloved SB Nation blog (RIP) that had a major influence on the college sports humor you know and love.

We take on the NCAA Tournament in this episode, but with a spin: What would the bracket look like if you wanted to see chaos and fun? Also: If you had to re-live the pandemic with any mascot as a roommate, who would win the 2021 National Championship? Also also: Ryan has some questions for us about hopes and expectations for the Colorado Buffaloes, but little does he know we are all dead inside.

If you enjoy the podcast and don’t know Ryan Nanni, give him a follow on Twitter @celebrityhottub and check out the Shutdown Fullcast.