Colorado more than 3 TD underdogs against Oregon

It has been a nightmare season for Colorado. They've gone 2-5, and don't even look like they're going to bowl eligible. That's hard to imagine considering how the season started.

The Buffaloes had started 1-0 and then went to the wire in a 10-7 loss to #5 Texas A&M. They looked like they could be a serious threat in the PAC-12. Instead, they've been a doormat.

Not only are they 1-3 in conference, all of their losses have been blowouts. Their average point differential in losses against PAC-12 opponents is 22.7 points. Now they play Oregon who is fighting for a potential playoff spot.


Predictably, oddsmakers don't give Colorado much of a chance to win this one. The Buffaloes are 24.5 point underdogs, and they're given +1500 odds to win the game outright. That's a 6.3% chance to pull off the upset. Meanwhile, Oregon is given -2500 odds, or an implied 96.2% chance to win the game.

Matchup History

Oregon and Colorado have played each other 22 times in their history. Colorado has won just 9 of those games. It's even worse in recent history.

Since Colorado joined the PAC-12, Colorado is just 1-6 against Oregon. The one win coming in 2016, a 41-38 thriller.

So, Oregon clearly has the momentum in this conference matchup.


Colorado has a chance to play spoiler, just like Kansas did against Oklahoma last week. It's easy for Oregon to look past Colorado and towards more dangerous conference opponents on the horizon. However, there's nothing scarier than a team with nothing to lose.

Kasnas nearly had the upset of the decade against Oklahoma last week for that very reason. Colorado took Texas A&M to the brink earlier in the season, so the potential is there. All Colorado has to do is show up and punch Oregon in the mouth.

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