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After a Rough Road Trip, Colorado Volleyball Searches for Home Wins

The Buffaloes are trying to get back on track.

Although the Colorado Buffaloes Volleyball team has a strong 12-5 record on the season, Pac-12 play has proven to be a issue. All five losses this year have come in conference play, and four of them were outside of Boulder, which knocked them out of the national rankings.

Last year, the Buffs struggled on the road. Although the season only consisted of 20 in-conference games, their 8-12 season included a winless road record. Colorado is involved in arguably the strongest volleyball conference in the nation and are competing at a higher level, but they need to get over the conference hump.

Despite a difficult road trip that included losses to UCLA, USC, and Stanford, they continue to face tough ranked teams and put up a strong fight when on their home court. The Buffs tend to perform well in Boulder with a 6-1 record thus far, which could be beneficial in their weekend matchups against Arizona and Arizona State.

Hopefully, their road losses can be avenged at the CU Events Center on Friday and Sunday. Although they have faced multiple challenges in recent weeks, they have an opportunity to start anew with their fans in Boulder and prove why they deserve a Pac-12 spot.