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WATCH: Michael Wilbon rips Nebraska over Big Ten decision

The Huskers may play football in 2020, but it comes with a cost

Northwestern v Nebraska Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images

ESPN host Michael Wilbon had enough of Nebraska.

The longtime supporter of the Big Ten conference took time on Pardon the Interruption to call out the Huskers for reacting poorly to the Big Ten’s decision on Tuesday.

“I’m going to applaud the (Big Ten) presidents for not listening to the likes of people at Nebraska, who are doing the biggest whining,” Wilbon said. “The Big Ten has operated for 116 seasons, mostly damn successful without Nebraska, which has been around for the last nine.”

Nebraska is one of the Big Ten schools to vote in favor of playing the 2020 football season. Rumors are rampant with the Huskers possibly headed back to the Big 12. No evidence this may happen as the Big Red left the conference less than a decade ago.

Less than a few hours after the Big Ten called the 2020 season off, the Pac-12 followed suit saying athletic competition would postponed until Jan. 2021.

Everyone is rather upset in Lincoln without football. Even Nebraska Rep. Ben Sasse (R), who sent a letter on U.S. Senate letterhead to Big Ten officials saying, “There are no guarantees college football will be completely safe.”

The other three conference in the Power Five (ACC, Big 12 and SEC) intend to play the upcoming season as scheduled. If everything goes unaltered, the 2020 college football season starts on Saturday, Aug. 29 with Southern Illinois at Kansas— the only game not canceled or postponed in week zero.