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Five Star Recruit Antonio Alfano No Longer Enrolled at Colorado

One last parting gift from Mel Tucker

NCAA Football: Arizona at Colorado Russell Lansford-USA TODAY Sports

It was, and still is, very much in question whether or not the Colorado Buffaloes suit up as usual for college football in the fall. The coronavirus pandemic has led to a lot of mystery. However, one thing is absolutely for sure: Antonio Alfano will not be suiting up in a Buffalo uniform if CFB is played. I’ll give all of us time to sigh as long as possible.









It was fun while it lasted. Mel Tucker courted and landed the former #1 recruit in the country with much pomp and fanfare. Now, it seems, Tucker and Alfano bolted before CU fans could reap the fruits of his labor. Brian Howell of Buffzone confirmed (everyone, please click and read to support local sports reporting) that Antonio Alfano is no longer enrolled in the University of Colorado, meaning that he can’t be part of the team, obviously.

Alfano was previously at the University of Alabama before he left. He also left the Crimson under mysterious circumstances, which appears to be somewhat a pattern with Alfano. He has all the natural talent in the world, and I hope he gets to a point where he feels like he can showcase those talents.

For now, CU appears to be just fine on the defensive line. Mustafa Johnson is the star in this group, but players like Terrance Lang and Jalen Sami have a lot of potential to build off a good year in 2019. There are also a lot of young linemen that should step into more substantial roles in 2020. Players like Austin Williams, Naim Rodman, and Jaylen Simon should all play roles in 2020. Junior College transfer Justin Jackson also should get involved early. While Alfano’s talent would have been a nice addition, the cupboards are not bare.