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Breaking: NCAA Tournament canceled due to coronavirus

COVID-19 is shutting down sports.

NCAA Men’s Final Four - Previews Photo by Maxx Wolfson/Getty Images

In unprecedented news, the NCAA has announced that all winter and spring sporting championships, including the NCAA Tournament, have been canceled.

This cancellation follows the nationwide outbreak of COVID-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus. The NBA suspended their season after Rudy Gobert (and Donovan Mitchell, maybe others) tested positive for the virus. It was only a matter of time before the NCAA would follow suit and cancel the largest sporting event in American sports.

This news also follows Thursday announcements that the Pac-12, among nearly every other conference, canceled their conference tournament. The Colorado Buffaloes were already eliminated from the Pac-12 Tournament, and surely would have lost immediately in the NCAA Tournament because they appear to be irreparably broken, but it is a travesty for college sports.