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Colorado Buffaloes bringing back retired numbers

The Buffs will re-introduce three retired numbers.

The University of Colorado announced Wednesday that the Buffaloes will bring back three previously retired uniforms.

The Buffaloes have not used the numbers 11, 24 or 67 for decades. Those have represented #11 Dick Anderson (QB/RB, Class of 1968), #24 Byron “Whizzer” White (RB, Class of 1938) and #67 Joe Romig (OL/LB, Class of 1961). All three belong to the College Football Hall of Fame, and off the field, White was a Supreme Court Justice while Romig was a Rhodes Scholar.

Those three numbers will be re-introduced this season. Ashaad Clayton, the four-star running back who signed with the Buffs earlier Wednesday, has already announced that he will wear #24 in 2020.

Whoever wears these three numbers will have an additional patch to honor their forebearers. The patch will feature the name and the years that player played at CU.

The Buffaloes have a fourth number retired, Rashaan Salaam’s #19, that will be retired for a total of 19 years before it is re-introduced. His number was retired after 2017, so it will be until 2036 until someone wears it again.