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Colorado Football - Zion Magalei is a Buff

The lanky OLB makes it official

NCAA Football: Air Force at Colorado Russell Lansford-USA TODAY Sports

Brenden Rice comes from Arizona. Jason Harris comes from Arizona. Isaiah Oliver came from Arizona. it’s a state that can be great to the Buffs, especially when Arizona is down like it is currently. Zion Magalei is yet another talented player coming to Boulder from Arizona.

Zion hails from Chandler, Arizona, and the powerhouse Chandler High School. Brian Michalowski can get talent from anywhere, but it’s nice when he doesn’t have to go too far. Michalowski needs to take a bow for the work that he did this class. Here is what we talked about when he committed:

Zion plays with his hair on fire, and he has a lot hair to light up. He looks very skinny for his height, which means that he should fill out very nicely. Magalei makes a beeline for the ball every single play, and he usually gets there before anyone else does. As an edge player on defense, he is a pass rusher first, but given time, he should hold up against the run as well.

Welcome, Zion!