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Colorado Football - Ty Robinson is a Buff

The high-flying WR makes it official

NCAA Football: California at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best basketball players in the state isn’t even considering playing basketball in college. That’s because Ty Robinson is better at using post-ups and jump balls playing WR and dunking on defensive backs. Just throw the ball towards Robinson, he will be awesome.

Ty Robinson plays at Eaglecrest High School, another powerhouse program in the state of Colorado. At 6’4, he is taller than almost every DB and he has plenty of straight line speed, too. When he committed, this is what we said about Robinson:

His tape, in both basketball and football, showcases an explosive leaper. He has a big frame for a wideout, and with his vertical ability, he can go up and get just about any ball. If the DB is smaller, he will win the one-on-one fight for the ball every single time. He takes long strides and doesn’t have the quickness in and out of breaks that smaller receivers have, but he has straight line speed and knows how to position his body. Frankly, it looks like the Eaglecrest playbook was Backyard Football “run deep and chuck it” last year because of how often Ty Robinson wins jump balls. In college, he will need to refine those routes. Luckily, he has two of the best WR coaches working to help him out in Chiaverini and Dorrell.

Welcome, Ty!