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Colorado Football - Tyas Martin is a Buff

The gigantic DT makes it official.

NCAA Football: Alamo Bowl-Oklahoma State vs Colorado Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not very often that the Colorado Buffaloes pull a recruit out of Arkansas, but sometimes, a recruit is good enough and Chris Wilson is motivated enough that it warrants the trip. Martin, from Jacksonville, Arkansas, just signed on to move to Colorado for four years.

Tyas Martin had quite a bit of interest from quite a few teams, but the recruiting process is now officially over for Martin. His senior season was disrupted by a back surgery, but he should be more than healthy enough when he gets to Boulder.

When he committed, we talked about his potential here:

He has one of my favorite highlight reels I’ve seen in a long time. For someone so large, he does a great job of being quick off the ball and in tight spaces. He uses his arms really well to get past the center, and he does a great job of pushing the line of scrimmage back. This is not your typical space-eater. He should be a great fit in Tyson Summer’s system as a Na’im Rodman-style player.

Welcome, Tyas!