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Some thoughts about the Colorado Buffaloes football roster

Mostly looking at the incoming freshmen


We’re back looking over pre-season football material, because in case you missed it, the Pac-12 is beginning their football season on November 6th. As part of this pre-season material, we thought it would be fun to gauge some information from CU’s official roster.

Ashaad Clayton wearing #0

Clayton is a highly touted running back from Louisiana who had scholarship offers from Florida and Alabama before tearing his ACL as a junior. Those offers disappeared, but he was just as good after surgery as he was before, running for 1,499 yards and 22 touchdowns in an ultra-competitive division. Now he enters CU as an impact true freshman who vies for the starting running back job. He’s a man of confidence, to say the least, so that bodes well for the first Buff to ever wear the #0.

Antonio Alfano even being here

After transferring from Alabama — in which he became the highest rated prospect in CU history — Alfano has been an enigma. His transfer from Tuscaloosa was strange in itself, he was suspended indefinitely during the transition from Tucker to Dorrell, he left the program in May, was reinstated in August, and now he’s being named CU’s Student Athlete of the Week. He still needs to be approved for immediate eligibility — he’s also still suspended, according to CU’s official roster — but he’s here and figures to be a dynamic player if he gets on the field.

Brendon Lewis is 6’2, 225-lbs.

This doesn’t sound very big considering CU’s last two quarterbacks were Sefo Liufau and Steven Montez, but this is a big deal for Brendon Lewis. As a high school senior he was listed at 6’3, 205-lbs., and those prep listings are usually on the generous side. Lewis joined the Buffs in January and immediately made an impression with his work ethic in the weight room, as he can see in the 20+ pounds he’s gained in the months since. This is probably reading too much into a small detail, but his work ethic does seem like the real deal.

Christian Gonzalez listed as CB

There is a lot of intrigue over what the secondary will look like. We know that K.J. Trujillo, Mekhi Blackmon and Chris Miller will play cornerback, and that Mark Perry and Derrion Rakestraw will play safety. The Buffs have a lot of options at cornerback — even if those options are unproven — but very little depth at safety. If Mark Perry ends up playing the Star position, it’s anyone’s guess who plays safety next to Rakestraw, much less who backs them up. Gonzalez was probably the best guess as that other safety, but him being listed as a cornerback might signal something to the contrary. Tarik Luckett is also strangely listed as a defensive back, rather than as a safety or cornerback, so watch for him as well.

Carson Lee is 6’3, 315-lbs.

It might be too niche to talk about the backup center, but it’s a good sign that the true freshman is already big enough to handle veteran defensive lineman. It adds to CU’s depth that Carson Lee won’t need to sit out for a year to add weight, as was the tradition of Mike MacIntyre’s offensive linemen. That was a staple of Mel Tucker’s recruiting philosophy, that you can polish big boys, but you can’t teach size.

Jordan Berry not listed on roster

2020 recruit Jordan Berry — a former LSU commit — was supposed to contribute immediately on the defensive line, but after a difficult offseason, he will not be joining the Buffs. That’s a significant blow to CU’s defensive line depth, as he was the only player in the recruiting class at the position.