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At the Buzzer: Sabatino Chen predicts sweep against Arizona State, Arizona

Sabatino took a few shots in the podcast.


On the latest episode of At the Buzzer, Jack and Sam are joined by a very special guest, Sabatino Chen, the forever Buff whose waved off buzzer-beater against Arizona made him a martyr in CU lore.

Chen makes his second appearance on the podcast to discuss Colorado’s odds against Arizona State (Thurs., 7:00 pm) and Arizona (Sat., 12:30 pm). He talks about what makes that road trip so difficult, particularly the vaunted McKale Memorial Center in Tuscon. He gives the keys to victory in each game and makes predictions for the week.

Later on the pod, we ask Chen about his playing days, the stuff we didn’t see behind closed doors (like Levi Knutson dunking on Shannon Sharpe in practice), and what it’s like to play under Tad Boyle. We had a lot of fun recording the pod and always enjoy being nostalgic about those early days of the Boyle era.

A local product from Louisville, Chen was a celebrated role player who helped win the 2012 Pac-12 Tournament and played in the NCAA Tournament in 2012 and 2013. He played professionally in Taiwan and has since retired from the game.