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JUCO CB commits to Colorado after victory over Nebraska

He comes from Independence C.C. in Kansas.

Nebraska v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

The Buffs treated the Nebraska as a chance to show recruits what Colorado football is. Clearly, they impressed someone.

After an amazing win, the Buffs capped off the night by getting a commitment from Jaylen Striker, a JUCO defensive back from Independence C.C. in Kansas. Striker is a 3-star cornerback whose 6’3 frame will remind fans of Delrick Abrams, another corner from Independence.

According to Justin Guerriero of CUSportsNation, Striker has fought through all kinds of adversity to get where he is now. After losing his father at age 16, his grade dipped and kept him from getting major offers. He’s battled through ups and downs and has grown considerably while in JUCO.

Welcome, Jaylen!