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Ham Championship: Who’s ahead after Colorado’s 3-1 start?

Will Jaren Mangham hold off Arlington Hambright?

NCAA Football: Colorado at Arizona State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the Ham Championship, the silliest thing we will be regularly doing this season (and hopefully next). It’s a celebration of two of the Colorado Buffaloes’s brightest young stars, as well as that of a rock solid senior transfer.

Again, the candidates:

Arlington Hambright, LT

The senior transfer from Oklahoma State has been a hog on the line this season. He’s playing with a certain tenacity and consistency the Buffs have been lacking at offensive tackle. If there’s any one major improvement CU has had from 2018 to 2019, it’s that line play, of which Hambright is a major reason. The best part about this is that the Buffs’ o-line continues to improve and look like they’re keep this up. Is Hambright the brightest ham? Steven Montez probably thinks so.

Jaren Mangham, RB

Mangham is likely Hambright’s only real competition for the Hampionship. The true freshman running back has been as good as everyone expected, which says a lot considering the hype around the Michigan meat product. His best game of the year was his two-touchdown performance against Nebraska. He’s been solid otherwise as he’s put 163 rushing yards and three scores so far this season. The best is still to come from Mangham — the only question is, has he been the best Ham?

Marvin Ham II

Ham will likely redshirt this season, so we have to imagine what will become of him. He’s an extremely talented linebacker from Michigan and will soon enough. He was one of the Buffs’ best recruits in the 2019 class — along with Mangham and Mark Perry — and has all the promise to be a star in the middle. He also looks cool as hell, as do most linebackers who choose #7. He doesn’t have much of a chance in the 2019 Hampionship, but watch out in the future.