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Most Important Buffaloes: #16 Colby Pursell

The sophomore lineman could step up in 2019.

Oregon State v Colorado
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At #16 on this list of most important players, we have our first offensive lineman. Sophomore Colby Pursell is expected to start, either at guard and center, and could be a pivotal player in 2019.

After greyshirting, Pursell started as a freshman. Though the Buffs’ offensive lineman struggled, he flashed readiness and potential. Another year of strength training has him at 6’4, 305 lbs., which is outstanding size at the center position (if he sticks there).

Having strong play on the interior line is essential for a strong rushing attack. That rings especially true with Jay Johnson in at offensive coordinator. CU is going to run a pistol offense that emphasizes pulling guards and moving tight ends. Mel Tucker invested a lot in the line when he hired Chris Kapilovic as the OL coach. They have talent, size and experience, they just need someone to break out.

The offensive line looks like it will be, from left to right, Arlington Hambright, Casey Roddick (or Kary Kutsch), Colby Pursell, Tim Lynott and William Sherman. Roddick is a wild card as a freshman, but it may be Pursell who makes or breaks this offensive.

Most important players:

20. Tony Brown, WR

19. Jalen Harris, TE

18. Alex Fontenot, RB

17. Trey Udoffia, DB

16. Colby Pursell