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Most Important Buffaloes: #17 Mark Perry

The freshman safety might win the starting job.

Mark Perry is actually going to wear #5, while Davion Taylor is changing from #5 to #20. No idea why they decided to flip numbers.

Anyone who knows my writing or my personality knows that I get excited when new players enter the program. Excited is a nice way to say that I go overboard and I fall in love with potential. It’s only natural. When you don’t know how good a player is, they could be the best player in the country! Because of this, I tend to skew towards giving a lot of credit to freshmen that may not deserve it yet,

BUT WHO CARES LET’S GET PUMPED UP. Mark Perry is a boss. He is a legitimate Power 5 talent at defensive back and the guy was a borderline blue chip prospect that had USC knocking on his door come signing day. He is physical, he’s huge, and he’s athletic. And he just might be the answer to some of CU’s prayers at safety, which is why he’s on the list of the 20 most important players for 2019.

After losing Nick Fisher and Evan Worthington, the safety position is stripped down to the studs for the Buffaloes. Tyson Summers is the new position coach, and Mel Tucker will want something different from his defensive backs than MacIntyre desired. This leaves a whole lot of defensive playing time up for grabs. Perry should be able to snatch up a lot of snaps. The returning members of the safety position have not proven enough to be handed a starting job before the season starts. Enter Mark Perry.

Perry has been spending some time at the STAR position (a hybrid nickel back/safety/linebacker position that Davion Taylor is slated at right now), but also has experience at the more traditional safety spots. He steps on campus as one of the more athletic players on the team, and if he can figure out the coverage schemes and keep his head on straight, I see no reason why he won’t play starter snaps this year. He can be great, but this year, all he has to be is good to see the field.

Most important players:

20. Tony Brown, WR

19. Jalen Harris, TE

18. Alex Fontenot, RB