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Introducing the Ham Championship

Or, the Hampionship.

This isn’t the dumbest thing we’ve ever published, but it’s close. Even better, it’s going to be a series. This is the Ham Championship. The Colorado Buffaloes have three contenders and one of them will be crowned Ham Champion at the end of the season. Whenever I feel like tweeting and writing an accompanying article, people will vote on twitter dot com on who the Ham Champion is, starting today.

The Contenderloins:

Jaren Mangham, RB

Mangham is a true freshham who’s making fans squeal with excitement. He flashed his big play ability during the Spring Game when he scored touchdowns of 65, 35 and 22 yards. The Buffs are set to use a running back by committee approach, so even if Alex Fontenot does indeed start, Mangham will see plenty of carries. If he sets himself apart from the others, there’s a chance he could hog the ball. Should that happen, he’s the most likely ham champion, this year and beyond.

Arlington Hambright, OT

Hambright is a graduate transfer from Oklahoma State, where he started in 2018 before suffering an injury. He doesn’t quite have the ceiling as the other contenders, but he’s a surefire starter who should be a day-one contributor. His role as left tackle is critical as he’s the most experience hogmollie on the roster. If the two freshhams don’t see all that much action, Hambright is the most likely ham champion.

Marvin Ham II, LB

The freshman linebacker is braised to be a ham champion. He’s a stud who has a bright future ahead of him. His father, Marvin Ham the First, was an NFL safety. Ham the Second looks just as good, if not better, at his young age. Although this piglet might be the most talented ham in the oven, he has an uphill battle to become the Ham Champion of 2019. The thing is, he might not play this year. He’s behind Nate Landman and Jonathan van Diest on the depth chart, and Ham is raw and may need a year of seasoning before he makes an impact.

(All of these Hams are from Michigan, weirdly enough.)

The Poll:

Honorable mentions: Jamar Montgomery (Birmingham, Alabama); Joshka Gustva, (Hamburg, Germany); Devin Lynch (Chaminade College Prep); Janaz Jordan (Hampton, Virginia), and Jalen Sami (eats a lot of ham).