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Most Important Buffaloes: #13 Arlington Hambright

A much-needed reinforcement in the offensive phalanx

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Oklahoma State Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not very often that a Power 5 level starter drops out of thin air. It’s also not very often that someone looks at a baby and names it Arlington. But Arlington Hambright is a “not-very-often” coup for the Buffaloes, and he is needed to make the Buffs season a successful one in 2019.

Arlington Hambright, now in Boulder by way of Stillwater and Oklahoma State, is a fifth-year senior. He spent two seasons in Garden City Community College, redshirted at OSU, and then started a few games in 2018 before injuries sidelined Arlington and he decided to transfer to greener pastures. He’s taken a lot of college snaps, gotten great coaching, and is a ready-made, plug-and-play player on the offensive line. He’s big, at 6’5 and over 300 pounds, and he’s proven. Two things that the Colorado Buffaloes did not have on the offensive line a season ago.

Hambright’s experience and talent creates a domino effect on the line. He is slated at left tackle, and if that holds true in the season, that pushes Will Sherman (who started out as a guard) to a more natural fit at right tackle and puts Sherman and Lynott on the same side of the line (this assumes Colby Pursell starts at center, which shouldn’t be assumed). Sherman and Lynott are a great pair of linemen to run behind, and Hambright/unnamed left guard (probably 330-lbs. freshman Casey Roddick) should be plenty solid. He is a stabilizing rudder on the tight ship that is the Buffaloes offensive line.

Simply put, we don’t know what to expect from Arlington Hambright for CU, but in a way, we know more about him than most of the other starters. He is experienced, solid, and provides a veteran presence.