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Phillip Lindsay, David Bakhtiari on Bill Barnwell’s Perfect NFL Roster

I’ll explain what that means.

Denver Broncos v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Dougal Brownlie/Getty Images

Bill Barnwell of ESPN writes an annual article in which he builds the perfect roster. He has a salary cap, set rules for roster constuction, and he also knows every single player in the NFL. It’s the best 53-man roster $188.2 million could buy.

That roster includes Phillip Lindsay and David Bakhtiari. Lindsay is a rotation running back while Bakhtiari is the starter at left tackle. Both players are excellent at the position, and in terms of their ability compared to their salary, they’re bargain players to have. With only so much money able to spend, great players on cheap salaries are king, while elite players making elite money — like Aaron Donald and Bakhtiari — are there because that’s the pay to pay for the best in the game.

Lindsay, who signed with the Broncos as an undrafted free agent, is making $575K this season. He’s behind Alvin Kamara and Chris Carson on the depth chart, but it’s still a testament to his big-play ability. Bakhtiari is the best left tackle in the game — and probably the best offensive lineman, period — so his $14.2M salary is worth every penny.

It’s a fun article that you should check out. It’s also a reminder that Lindsay and Bakhtiari are two of the most valuable players in the NFL, considering their salary and ability.