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Colorado Buffaloes announce football games against Florida... in 2028 and 2029

Still cool!

Georgia Southern v Florida Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

Rick George is making several huge assumptions when he scheduled home-and-away football games between the Colorado Buffaloes and the Florida Gators in 2028 and 2029.

First, football will exist in 2028. The Buffs take on the Gators in Gainesville in the first of two meetings, but it’s not clear exactly that football will even exist in its current form, if at all. It could be 7-on-7 at that point, or it could be flag football. It could even be 7-on-7 flag football played on trampolines. We have no idea.

Second, Florida will exist in 2028. Most climate change studies predict that the Florida coast will be gone by the 2050s, so even if Gainesville was on the coast (it’s actually ~50 miles from the beach), there is still time to play football in there. But those same studies will say that the more the climate changes, the faster it will continue changing. It’s the snowball effect, but all the snow will have melted from the polar ice caps and flooded Florida, perhaps even Gainesville.

Third, the Pac-12 will be televised. This is tricky considering Larry Scott’s issues with the Pac-12 Network and their deal with DirecTV. Maybe that will be resolved, or maybe Pac-12 will be aired on ESPN+ or whatever. Or maybe games will be seen only through Amazon Virtual Reality On Facebook Apple Vision Presented By Red Bull, Featuring Arby’s. Or maybe the revolution will have occurred before that happens.

Fourth, Florida won’t be cowards and back out. This will be the first time Florida will play a non-conference game outside of Florida since 1991. Honestly, I may have buried the lede because that is whack. Just in the last decade Colorado has played non-conference road games in Honolulu, Morgantown, Toledo, Fresno, Foxborough, Honoulu again, Ann Arbor and Lincoln. But no, the Gators are cowards and are afraid of true road games. Seriously, Florida, you could at least schedule a road game at some trash school where it would be an automatic win, like Georgia Southern.

Fifth, it’s dicey to even think this game will matter in 2029. Florida could perpetually fall down the stairs for the next decade, not unlike they have in the past decade. And for Colorado, in just five years they went from 62-36 to Bernard Jackson starting at QB. Anything could happen, even the revolution.