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Buffaloes football won’t have to worry about a Nebraska takeover of Folsom Field

The Buffs take on the Huskers on September 7

NCAA Football: Colorado at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

A couple weeks ago, the Colorado Buffaloes’ Twitter account posted this:

Yesterday, a full two weeks after it was posted, Nebraska’s SB Nation account, Corn Nation wrote about that announcement. Why they took so long to comment is beyond me. Maybe that’s how long it takes for their dial-up internet to load TweetDeck. Or maybe they take turns having internet access — Darrell gets it this hour on this day, Courtney gets it at this, and Nate got the internet for the hour in which he saw the news and wrote the article.

Regardless, the basis for the article is that CU is afraid of Nebraska fans will buy all the tickets, drive (via wagon train?) to Boulder and take over the stadium. Huskers fans apparently did this is 2000 against Notre Dame, which is pretty cool! I only commend the effort because it was Notre Dame, and everyone in college football gets to set aside their differences and rivalries to make fun of the Irish.

I’m usually a bit worried about attendance, but it’s mostly the students who don’t show up. The old heads are mostly there, and they’re certainly going to be there on September 7th. Those are the at-large tickets, so I imagine CU fans will relegate Huskers fans to their section on the northeast side of the stands. Unless of course the visitors scam the system and purchase tickets meant for home fans, although that would be difficult to orchestrate if they take turns on the internet.

Anyway, the point of this article is that even if CU doesn’t completely fill up Folsom Field (they will), it may not matter. Memorial Stadium was quite packed last year, but CU dealt with the noise and came away with a memorable win on Laviska Shenault’s game-winning catch. Maybe the game won’t look like this, but Colorado should be in good position come September.