PAC 11 Baseball: Who would you pick?

I know I know but the Buffs don't have a team. You are in luck pal and let me tell you why.

There are 11 count them 11 other teams you guys could pull for. Sure the team you pick can't be the Buffs but in the PAC one can't just simply pull for the whole conference I mean what fan base could pull for their rivals. Could you honestly tell yourself "hey, the Utes are doing well hope they win". Don't do what the SEC does (DDWSECD).

So let this friendly Beavers' baseball fan help you out.

(this poster has no association with your number one place for all things Beavers sports nor are the opinion expressed are indorsed in anyway by anyone).

The whole PAC South off that bat should be excluded. This should go without saying. Would you really want a Ute, Devil or Cat or any of the Cal schools to win. Unless you do then have at.

Now lets move on to the PAC North:

Tree, those guys with the crazy band and a Trees. Sure do you want to see more of this Tree around?

Cal was just able to get the program back so can you trust them to be around?

The Dogs would you want a school to be tops in three men's sports?

Oregon they will they are Oregon and how would you even going to know what color they'd wearing on the field?

Cougs maybe if Mike Leach takes over all their sports and we'd get more interviews then we could talk.

So there you go nice picks all. Oh, wait there is one more you say. A great one at that.Just think you share a color with the school already and if you squint hard the mascot could look like a Buffalo. To boot I know a great place to read about them say it with me now

So yes the Beavers are a great pick.

If you want more information about Oregon Sate or any of the other PAC 11 teams hit up their SB team pages.

So who will it be Buffs?

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