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2019 College Football: End of year accountability

The good, bad and ugly from everyone’s favorite game

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Louisiana State Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

With the bowl season upon us, we thought it would be a good time to look back and reflect on the 2019 college football season. Those who got it right with predictions? Others that came up short? And what makes the sport great.

Nailed it

I wonder if he did? The world may never know.

Two-for-two with two more shots left... Oklahoma has to beat Baylor for a second time on Saturday. Texas can’t disappoint us anymore, right? Asking for a friend.

100% all the way down to the record.

At least it wasn’t a kick-six this time.

We can’tttt eitttther!

Way to go— checking the predictor on this one. A good win by The Citadel down in Atlanta.

Meet Me in the Middle (Batting .500)

Halfway there and great for a February prediction. Utah did end the regular season at 11-1 and still has a chance to make the Playoff. However, a two-loss Pac-12 Champion Oregon looks rough on paper sitting in front of committee come Sunday.

Sporting News columnist Bill Bender published an early predictions piece in March favoring Alabama and Texas in the College Football Playoff. Sadly, neither will be playing for anything important this postseason. Bender, however, was correct on a couple of his predictions saying, “Jalen Hurts will thrive in Oklahoma” and “Mack (Brown) will get UNC back to a bowl game.” A couple still on the fence going into the upcoming weeks are “Clay Helton’s fate will be sealed” and “Justin Fields a Heisman finalist.” One of those is very likely to happen before New Years and the other should’ve happened weeks ago.

Not a bad start, but it is how you finish.

You were so close, but we’ll see.

Missed it by that much

Vegas was all over the board in February trying to decide an early Heisman favorite. LSU’s Joe Burrow wasn’t even on the board in the preseason. He was bumped up to a 28-to-1 long-shot after week two and is now a 1-to-30 favorite.

Nobody was talking about LSU’s Ed Orgeron before the season, unless it was fanning the flames of his hot seat. Nick Saban should be on top of this list, but Jimbo Fisher as the third best FBS coach?—Really? Even Kirby Smart is a stretch at No. 4. Gus Malzahn remains the most underrated/erratic coach in the SEC every year.

A two-loss Wisconsin somehow makes the playoff with a win over Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship? A lot would have to happen for this scenario to come true—stay tuned.

I would put my money on the meteor coming thru before this happens.

Ah! I see what you did there, Aaron. That’s a clever idea.

Georgia State wasn’t joking. The Panthers left Knoxville with a $950K check and a ‘W’ to open the season.

The Best of the Rest

When Mike Leach hands out gold, you run with it. Here was the coach’s view on a Pac-12 mascot battle.

Sometimes it’s better to celebrate responsibility.

Nothing can top the moment Michigan State’s Josh Butler gave us on Senior Day. After losing both of his parents, Josh decided to escort his dogs out on the field. We really don’t deserve man’s best friend.

In celebration of 150 years in college football history, ESPN complied a list of the top 150 games. Enjoy the bowl season!