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Early Signing Day 2020: Mister Williams is a Colorado Buffalo!

The linebacker from California makes it official.

NCAA Football: Southern California at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

ANOTHER NAME FOR THE ALL NAME TEAM. Look, great players are great players, and their names could hieroglyphics and it wouldn’t matter. But, if I had my druthers, you take the great player with the better name before the Dan Smith’s and the Matt Russels of the world (sorry Matt). IF YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO SIGN A GUY NAMED MISTER WILLIAMS, YOU DO IT.

Mister plays for Oaks Christian High School in Westlake Village, California, which is just outside of Los Angeles. At a shade under 6’0 and over 220 pounds, he is a solidly built prospect that will factor in at ILB, where height doesn’t matter as much as play speed. Williams had plenty of offers as a recruit (which we mentioned), and the Colorado Buffaloes beat out UCLA and Cal for Mister.

MISTER CAN RUN AND HIT, y’all. He is a heady player that diagnoses plays almost immediately. His build and stature reminds me of Rick Gamboa, but he moves about half-a-second faster. Mister is a sure tackler who always wraps up and helps organize the rest of the defense. Let him learn behind Akil Jones and Nate Landman and then let him lead.

Welcome, Mister!